Choosing images for your website

The reason you need to set up a website is usually the need to make yourself visible to the clients and give your clients detailed information about who you are and what you offer.

So content is important, but a well-chosen graphic can do wonders and will greatly affect your first impression when you visit your site. Of course, there is no need to exaggerate, as the readability and speed of the page are first.

One of the options is to reach the photographer and have your photos fully personalized to be presented.
Or you can reach out to the graphics that will create a complete corporate identity and perfectly matched and unique graphics solutions. Of course, the higher the budget, the greater the possibilities.

However, if we just need to add a “feeling” to the site, the freely available databases of images, vectors, photos, or even videos are enough. However, it is important to be careful where the image is being downloaded, whether it is copyrighted or not.

One of the larger image databases is

From here it is possible to choose for free from the huge number of images in the necessary resolution. I use this database most often, but there are other free graphics options available:

… and many other, of course, like ,where we can find something free, for something to be paid for.

An interesting trend is the use of geometric shapes and so-called. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) formats. Preview of such SVG background: